Finished Friday-Swiffer and Dish Cloths

This week I figured out a Swiffer Wet Jet pattern. It only took two tries to design my own pattern. I am glad that it did not take too long to figure out the pattern. ūüôā

This picture shows that the crocheted Swiffer Wet Jet pattern really works! It picked up the dirt on the floors really well.

I also made two dish cloths for one of my aunts. I made a ridged dish cloth and a square one as well.

I made also another dish cloth for Etsy, but I did not take a picture of it.

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Finished Friday- A Swiffer Cover and Dish Cloth

This week I tried to make a Swiffer cover for a wet jet. Some one asked if I knew how to make them. I had never made or even heard of a crocheted Swiffer cover.

I tried to make one using an online pattern, but it did not work, so I decided to design my own pattern. My first try at my own pattern¬†was too long but not wide enough. I am going to try again this week. I am not giving up yet. ūüôā

I also got a green dish cloth finished this week.

Visit Sarah’s site to see what she has been making.

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Finished Friday- Dish Cloths

Sorry that my Finished Friday post is late.

For Finished Friday this week, I finished three dish cloths.

I finished the off-white dish cloth that finished the set that I started last week. I also made a replacement for one of my dish cloths for Etsy. I found a white one that had a mistake in it, so I replaced it. I also made a fish dish cloth.

I will not be posting a Finished Friday post next week because I will be busy.

Please go to Sarah’s site to see what she has been making!

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Finished Friday-Dish Cloths

I made two dish cloths this week. I made a brown dish cloth and a multi-colored gray one. I also started on an off-white dish cloth, but did not get it finished this week.

When I get the off-white dish cloth done, I will put this set of dish cloths on Etsy.

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My Etsy Shop and Compassion International

My Etsy account is up! I got it up last weekend, and I already sold my first item! I have nine items up, and I have two more items that I need to put up on Etsy.

All profit from my Etsy account is going to Compassion International. Compassion International helps people who live in poverty in third world countries. They have several things that can be donated to. I wanted to donate to an organization like this, and I decided on Compassion International. I wanted to help people that lived in poverty in other countries.

They have children that people sponsor, and that person has to send a certain amount of money to that child each month for a year. I would like to do this, but I will have to see how my shop does before I can commit to that. For now I will just donate to various things on Compassion International.



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Finish Friday- Heart Doily

I took a week of from Finished Friday last week. I did not want to have to rush to finish a project at the last minute, so I decided to take a break from Finished Friday.

This week I got my teacher’s doily finished.¬†My crochet teacher¬†has been crocheting these doilies for years.

She makes this doily whenever some one gets married. She has also made several for couples that have had there fiftieth anniversary. She has made hundreds of these doilies.

I started this doily awhile ago, and just have not worked on it. I have been working on it for the last few weeks, and I finally got it finished.

I am going to enter this doily in our county fair this week. This is the first year that I have brought one of my projects to the fair, so I do not know what it will be like. I do not know how many people crochet for the fair.

I will post about how the fair goes.

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Finished Friday- Blocks

I was busy last week, so I did not get my Finished Friday post up.

Last week I made seven blocks for Sarah‘s Block Party. I made six blocks that were light blue, and one that was dark blue.

I was working on a project this week, but I got stuck on it. I will try to finish it this week, so that I can post about it next week.

I did get one more block done. This one is dark blue.

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Finished Friday- a Scarf, Strawberry, and Dog

I finished three items this week. I have been making items while watching the Olympics, so¬†I have¬†finished several items.¬†I crocheted a strawberry and another dog. I also knitted a scarf for Sarah’s Block Party.

I made this strawberry from another library book that I got. It is called Yummi “Gurumi. The top of the strawberry needs some work, but it turned out well besides that. The green top needed sewed on, and I did not exactly know how to sew it on.

Last week I made two dogs for my little friends. Before I gave the dogs to them, I showed them to my crochet teacher. She said that the brown one looked just like her dog. I made her a brown dog this week. She really liked her dog.

I also knitted a scarf. I started it a week or two ago, but did not work much on it until this week. I got it finished on Monday. This scarf will probably go to Sarah when she does her Block Party in a few months.  Sarah is the person that got me started on these Finished Fridays. She normally has her Block Party in February.

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Finished Friday- Dogs

This week for finished Friday, I finished these two dogs. These dogs are really cute. I got this pattern from a library book called Ami Ami Dogs. This book has some really cute patterns.

I made these cute Labradors for some friends of mine. They are two and five years old. I hope they enjoy these cute Labradors.


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Finished Friday- A Purse

I am sorry that I did not get a Finished Friday post up last week. I was making a basketball pillow cover, but I could not find a pillow form for it.

I crocheted the main part of the pillow case, and then I was suppose to  stitch the two halves of the pillow case together around a pillow form.

I needed a ten or eleven inch round pillow. I looked every where for one. I looked at Wal-mart, Michaels, Jo-Anns, and Hobby Lobby. The only round pillow form that I found was at Jo-Anns. It was a sixteen inch pillow form, which was way too big.

That is why I did not get my Finished Friday post up last week. When I find a pillow form, I will post pictures of the pillow case.

This week I made a purse. I got the pattern of of lionbrand. It is called a Striped Bubble Tote. I used Red Heart fabric, but I think that the purse would have turned out better if I had used the Lion Brand yarn that the pattern used.

I was expecting the purse to be bigger. It may have been smaller because I used different yarn, though.

This will work great for carrying books. It would also work well for a purse. I think if I used it as a purse, I would add a zipper or a button.

What projects have you been working on?

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