Finished Friday-Blocks

This week I finished four blocks for Sarah’s Block Party. I made some two dark blue and two multi-colored blue blocks.

I am hoping to get enough blocks made before Sarah’s Block Party so that I can make a whole blanket, so you will probably be seeing some more of these in the next few weeks.

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Goals for 2012 and 2013

Can you believe that it is already 2013? I certainly cannot!

Here are a review of my goals from last year.


  1. Open my Etsy account-I am glad to say that I put several items on it!
  2. Finish the doily that my teacher is known for making-I finished it and even won the county fair with it!
  3. Finish a baby blanket- I made one and then made another one for my baby cousin that I never posted about (coming soon).


  1. Try to make a Kleenex box and post about it-I did not get that done.


  1. Make a scarf or two-I got that done.

I am surprised that I got all but one of my goals finished this year!

Now for next year goals.


  1. Restock my Etsy shop.
  2. Make a baby blanket.
  3. Enter something in the county fair.
  4. Make items for Sarah’s Block Party.


  1. Make a skirt.
  2. Make and post about a Kleenex box.


  1. Make a scarf.

What are your 2013 crocheting. knitting, and/or knitting goals?

Happy New Year!


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Merry Christmas and Finished Friday

I hope that you had a merry Christmas with friends and family!

Now for my late Finished Friday post. Over the last two weeks, I decided to try to make some scrubbies. They turned out well, and now I have to use them to see if they work.

I also got this fish dish cloth finished. I have had it partly finished for a while, but I had not gotten it finished.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Finished Friday- A Christmas Ornament

All I made this week was a Christmas ornament. I have been engrossed in my book by  Charles Dickens, and have not crocheted much this week. 🙂

This Christmas ornament turned out much better than the one I made last week. I used a different pattern, as well as a larger hook and bigger thread.

Merry Christmas!

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Finished Friday- A Bear Hat and Christmas Ornament

This week I made a smaller bear hat then I had previously made. It turned out so cute!

This is the big bear hat next to the smaller bear hat.

I also made this Christmas ornament. It turned out smaller than I thought it would be, but it does look nice. Sorry that the picture is blurry, but it is the best picture that I got.

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Finished Saturday- Mittens and Bear Hat

I have not posted the last two weeks because I have not finished any items. I have been working on several projects, but have not completed any. I also did not post yesterday because I was busy.

This week, I did get the thumbs on these mittens corrected. The pointed thumbs are corrected, much to my delight. 😀

I also made this cute bear hat. It was for a baby, and it is way to big! It fits my head, and it would be way to big for a baby. I am now making the size smaller. 🙂

It turned out really well, even though it is too big!

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Finished Friday- A Mitten

This week, I finished the “thumbless” mitten. I received the yarn that I needed in the mail on Tuesday, and set to work on the thumb of this mitten.

The thumb is sort of pointed, so I may try to adjust the pattern. If I can make a better thumb on the next mitten, I will change this one as well.

The mitten was the only item that I finished this week. I started the next mitten and am working on a bear hat. I hope to get those to projects finished soon.

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Finished Friday-Stocking Cap

Last week I posted about a hat that I was making for a special order. I had made a toddler hat instead of a hat for a later elementary student.

This week I finished the right sized hat. 😀 The hat turned out really well.

I almost got a mitten done as well. I ran out of yarn, so I did not get the thumb of the mitten done. I had to order the yarn online, so I probably will not get the mitten finished for another week or two.

What have you been making?

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The County Fair

A few several weeks ago, I posted about a doily that I finished for Finished Friday. I also said that I was going to take it to the county fair. I finally got around to posting about the fair. 🙂

At the fair, I won first prize. The ladies that saw the doily at the fair were impressed with it. They could not believe that I made it.

As far as my family and I could tell, I was the only one that entered a doily in the fair. We saw no other doilies at the fair. At least I got a blue ribbon!

I was going to enter the heart doily in our state’s fair, but I was three weeks past the entry dead line. Hopefully I will be able to enter something in out state’s fair next year.

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Finished Friday-Hat and Dish Cloth

Sorry that I have not posted a Finished Friday post the last two weeks. I have been really busy and have not had time to post.

I made a hat for a lady who ordered it for a Christmas angel tree. I made the hat, but it was too small. I made the toddler’s size instead of a later elementary size. I was not happy when I was almost finished and I tried it on brother’s head. It was way too small (but not to small for the doll)! 🙂

This hat ended up going to my little cousin. I hope she enjoys it. I am now working on the right sized hat. 😀

I also finished a white dish cloth. It completed a set for a special order.

What have you been making?

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