Finished Friday-Doily and Blocks

Designed DoilyEven though I have not posted a Finished Friday post the past couple of weeks, I have been crocheting. In fact, I have been crocheting quite a bit. ūüôā

Speed Star 1.0474367  00First of all, I finished this doily. I actually designed this doily, and I will go into more detail in another post. (Yes, designing a large doily was more than slightly difficult. :-D)

I entered the doily that I designed into the county fair, and I won first prize. As far as I can tell, just like last year, I appeared to be the only one that entered the doily category. May be I should try to enter a blanket next year so that I am actually competing against other people. Speed Star 1.0491343  00

I have also started making blocks for Sarah’s Block Party. The last few years that I have made blocks, I have just double crocheted several rows and then single crocheted a border, but since I want to make a blanket like I did this year, I decided to find a pattern. I ended up finding a free¬†pattern on

BlocksAfter I found the pattern, I decided that I would use left over yarn from this blanket that I made, but I did not have enough of the blue flecked and yellow yarn. I got some blue and red yarn, which matched the yellow, blue, and red flecks in the dark blue yarn, and now I have made fourteen five inch squares! I love working with this soft yarn!

What have you been crocheting?

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