Finished Friday-Scrubbies and a Giraffe

Speed Star 1.0491343  00

I have not done a Finished Friday post in awhile. In fact, I calculated that it has been ten weeks since I have done a Finished Friday post. Oops… I have been crocheting, but my Fridays have been busy lately.

Speed Star 1.0488344  00My biggest project was amigurumi giraffe. This is the third one that I have made. The other two giraffes that I made I gave to my two little cousins last year. I hope to put this giraffe for sale on Etsy soon.

Speed Star 1.0435384  00I also made two scrubbies. It is hard to tell in the picture, but the scrubbie is very misshapen and has a big whole in the center that I can easily stick my thumb through.

ScrubbieI then made a scrubbie that turned out thanks to a video that I found on You Tube, which I will link to in a post about the scrubbies soon. I will also post about what I did wrong on the first scrubbie.

Check back soon for the scrubbie post!




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