Ridged Dish Cloths

I have posted about several of these ridged dish cloths for Finished Friday, but I have not told about the story behind these dish cloths.

A friend had a dish cloth, and she asked me if I could make a dish cloth like it. I brought it home with me, and I sat trying to figure out how the dish cloth was made for about thirty minutes.

I finally gave up and had to ask my crochet teacher how she thought the dish cloth was made. She thought that had figured it out, but the next time we meet, we had both come with a dish cloth that was similar to the origional dish cloth, but it was not exactly the same.

My teacher then took the dish cloth home, and she finally figured it out. The person who had made the dish cloth had singled crocheted in the back stich of each row.

I am glad that my crochet teacher figured the pattern because this is a great dish cloth. The texture from the ridges is great for scrubbing dishes.

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