My Etsy Shop and Compassion International

My Etsy account is up! I got it up last weekend, and I already sold my first item! I have nine items up, and I have two more items that I need to put up on Etsy.

All profit from my Etsy account is going to Compassion International. Compassion International helps people who live in poverty in third world countries. They have several things that can be donated to. I wanted to donate to an organization like this, and I decided on Compassion International. I wanted to help people that lived in poverty in other countries.

They have children that people sponsor, and that person has to send a certain amount of money to that child each month for a year. I would like to do this, but I will have to see how my shop does before I can commit to that. For now I will just donate to various things on Compassion International.



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