Finished Friday- A Giraffe

This week for Finished Friday I finished a giraffe. In a recent post, I had pictures of an animal. That animal is a giraffe. This week I made him a companion. He is a bluish-green giraffe. I will give him to my other cousin when we go on vacation.

This giraffe pattern is great. This is a pattern that I will continue to use. I hope to make many more giraffes. 🙂

The green giraffe.

The two giraffes together.

I will not be doing a Finished Friday post for the next couple of weeks because we will be on vacation. I hope to continue these Finished Friday posts when we get back.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Love your giraffes!! So cute! Thanks for blogging! I just got my FF post up… sorry for the delay. 😛

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