A Cute Animal

I finally got around to working on some more amigurumi. I made a really cute animal. I am going to give it to my baby cousin when we go on vacation. A horn, ear, and mouth are missing in the pictures, but I will have to post more pictures when I finish it.

I have been checking out crocheting books at the library, which is were I got this cute animal pattern. The book is called Voodo Maggie’s Adorable Amigurumi. I was looking through the book and saw this cute animal. Instead of working on a baby blanket like I should have, I started this cute animal. 😀

I have not mentioned what animal it is because I am going to let you guess what kind of animal it is. 🙂 I thought that would be fun. I will give you one hint. This animal has spots, but I did not put them on. I thought the animal was cute enough with out them.

Can you guess what kind of animal it is?

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