Crocheting Books

I recently decided to look at crocheting books at the library. I had not looked at them in a long time. I found several books that I decided that I would post about.

I found these two books. One has pot holder patterns. I printed out a few of these patterns, including the duck one on the cover.

The second one was about crocheting with wire. I am not sure that I will ever try crocheting with wire, but it was very interesting to look at.

I also got this book on amigurumi. I have wanted to get into amigurumi but have not done so yet. I did make a bear for my cousin last summer, but that is all I have made. This book looked like a good book for beginners, so I actually bought the book off Amazon. May be I will get to work on amigurumi this summer. We will see. 🙂

These books are books that my parents gave me for Christmas. They are also amigurumi books. They have some cool patterns. The lady that wrote this book has a site here.

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