Block Party

A friend of mine is going to have a block party on February 5. At her block party she and others will sew together 6 inch crocheted or knitted blocks. She will send the blankets made to an orphanage in Eastern Europe. This is the second year Sarah has done this, and I hope she will do it again. 🙂

Last year I was unable to send any blocks, but this year I got quite a few done.  I made 11 blue, 7 red, and 6 brown. They need 36 blocks per blanket, and I made 24 blocks. If Sarah does it again, I will try to make more next year.

Doing this project accomplished one of my 2011 goals. Hurray! Now if I can just finish the others. 🙂

Here are some pictures of the blocks I made:

If you want to know more about the block party, look here.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks Brianna! Yes I am already planning to do it again… and I did get the package, THANK YOU! Sorry forgot to email you that I got it. 🙂

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