Christmas Ornaments

I started making Christmas ornaments this year. They are really easy to make. The ones I made where only three rows. They took me about a half-hour or an hour to make. I added the handle to the ornaments. I do not know why they did not have a handle, because the magazine said it was for Christmas.

Ornaments are quick and easy Christmas presents. They are also nice to use to decorate the house. You could hang them on door knobs, on a Christmas tree, and if you left the handle off, you could make a coaster. 

Here is a picure of the ornaments:

These are not starched yet. I am not sure if I want to starch them or not. And if I am going to starch them, if I should starch it how to keep the handle from being starched. Or if I want to starch the handle.

Do you have any suggestions about the starching?

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2 Responses to Christmas Ornaments

  1. Sarah says:

    I think that they should be startched and the handle should be too. That would just be my personal preference.

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