My Piano Teacher’s Doilies

When my piano teacher retired a year and a-half ago, I wanted to give her doilies. I told her I would send her a present, but it never got them starched and sent to her. 🙁  I recently starched them, and they are going to get put into the mail soon. Or at least I hope it is soon. 🙂

I made the doilies at two different time periods. When I put them together, the first one was bigger than the second! This is because I must have done the stitches tighter on the second one. Well, I don’t think my teacher will mind!

Here are pictures of the doilies:

The two doilies together.

Comparing the two doilies.

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One Response to My Piano Teacher’s Doilies

  1. Jill says:

    They are absolutely beautiful, Brianna!!! Your teacher will love them I’m sure. I give you so much credit for doing thread crocheting with little hooks. I’m still working on that baby afghan. I’m using a F hook and it seems like it is taking forever. (The baby is 2 weeks old already!) I like the big chunky yarn and big hooks! 🙂

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