I Interviewed My Crochet Teacher

I asked my crochet teacher recently if I could interview her. My mom suggested the idea and I was excited to ask my teacher about it. When I asked my teacher if she would like to be interviewed, she seemed excited and agreed to the idea. I thought of a few questions to ask her. Here they are:

Me: What age were you when you began to crochet?

Mrs. Bedard: 11

Me: How many years have you crocheted?

Mrs. Bedard: 63
Me: Who taught you to crochet?

Mrs. Bedard: Helen Earncent and my mom Lily Lawrence.
Me: Have you taught very many people to crochet?

Mrs. Bedard: 8 or so.
Me: How many projects do you think you have crocheted?

Mrs. Bedard: Dozens (she actually has probably crocheted hundreds of things)
Me: What is your favorite thing to crochet?

Mrs. Bedard: Heart doilies for wedding maybe several dozen since 1st one in 1979! (again I think she is being modest with the number here, she has given a lot away)
Me: Can you do any other things like knitting ?

Mrs. Bedard: Yes, knitting and clothes sewing!
As you can see she has crocheted many years and still enjoys it. I am sure she has worked diligently and has tried her best. She also has tried to do her best for God. She keeps very few things that she makes. She is always giving her projects away. She loves to hand out things like knitted dish clothes to everyone she knows. There is a lot to learn from her life.
Thank you Mrs. Bedard for teaching me to crochet and sharing your love of it with me.
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  1. Sarah says:

    She sounds like a wonderful woman.
    To bad I live across the country, or I would be able to meet her!

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