Finished Friday-Doily and Blocks

Designed DoilyEven though I have not posted a Finished Friday post the past couple of weeks, I have been crocheting. In fact, I have been crocheting quite a bit. ūüôā

Speed Star 1.0474367  00First of all, I finished this doily. I actually designed this doily, and I will go into more detail in another post. (Yes, designing a large doily was more than slightly difficult. :-D)

I entered the doily that I designed into the county fair, and I won first prize. As far as I can tell, just like last year, I appeared to be the only one that entered the doily category. May be I should try to enter a blanket next year so that I am actually competing against other people. Speed Star 1.0491343  00

I have also started making blocks for Sarah’s Block Party. The last few years that I have made blocks, I have just double crocheted several rows and then single crocheted a border, but since I want to make a blanket like I did this year, I decided to find a pattern. I ended up finding a free¬†pattern on

BlocksAfter I found the pattern, I decided that I would use left over yarn from this blanket that I made, but I did not have enough of the blue flecked and yellow yarn. I got some blue and red yarn, which matched the yellow, blue, and red flecks in the dark blue yarn, and now I have made fourteen five inch squares! I love working with this soft yarn!

What have you been crocheting?

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Scrubbie Problems



I have posted on Finished Friday about my problems with a big whole in the center of the type of scrubbie that I have been making. It made it look like a donut. It took me awhile to figure out what I had done, but when I found this video on You Tube through Dishcloth Corner where the scrubbie pattern was posted, and I found out that I had sewed the edge the wrong way. Here are the steps that I followed.


This¬†is what the scrubbie looked like before anything was slip stitched or sewed together. It is funny shaped, I know, but it looks fine in the end. ūüôā


This is what the scrubbie looked like after I slip stitched the top and bottom together.


This is the wrong way to sew the sides shut. The side are not supposed to be weaved out and in.


The correct way to sew it is to “stuff” the hook or needle¬†through the edge of the¬†scrubbie. I normally use a plastic needle because they are flexible and great for this, but I broke them all. ūüôĀ I really need to get some new ones.


After pulling the strings, I threaded the string through the surrounding area before cutting and stuffing the string into the scrubbie. I then trimmed the string as needed once it was stuffed in.


This is the finished scrubbie. I have used one of these several times, and it works great! I hope that you decide to make one!

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Finished Friday-Another Scrubbie


This week for Finished Friday, I finished another scrubbie. I made this one and took pictures of it for my next post on the scrubbies.

I have also been working on a doily, but I am only about half way finished with it.

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Finished Friday-Scrubbies and a Giraffe

Speed Star 1.0491343  00

I have not done a Finished Friday post in awhile. In fact, I calculated that it has been ten weeks since I have done a Finished Friday post. Oops… I have been crocheting, but my Fridays have been busy lately.

Speed Star 1.0488344  00My biggest project was amigurumi giraffe. This is the third one that I have made. The other two giraffes that I made I gave to my two little cousins last year. I hope to put this giraffe for sale on Etsy soon.

Speed Star 1.0435384  00I also made two scrubbies. It is hard to tell in the picture, but the scrubbie is very misshapen and has a big whole in the center that I can easily stick my thumb through.

ScrubbieI then made a scrubbie that turned out thanks to a video that I found on You Tube, which I will link to in a post about the scrubbies soon. I will also post about what I did wrong on the first scrubbie.

Check back soon for the scrubbie post!




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Finished Friday-Block Party Blanket

I am sorry that I have not posted for a while, but I have been really busy and have not had much time to post or crochet.

This week I finished the blanket for Sarah’s Block Party. The Block Party was in February, but since I was making a whole blanket, I did not send the blocks in February. This picture is of the blanket on my double bed.

I am very happy to have this first blanket finished. This is the first Blanket that I have finished for the Block Party, and I am¬†quite pleased with my accomplishment! ūüôā

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Finished Friday-Blocks

This week I made six more blocks.  I now have thirty-three blocks.

I need just three more blocks in order to make a small blanket.

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Finished Friday-More Blocks

I was pleased to see my stack of blocks increase by seven this week. I now have twenty-seven blocks finished.

I almost had eight finished, but I ran out of thread. I then had a messy ball to unknot.

I could start a brand new ball of yarn, but I know that if I wait to take care of this ball, it will never get done.

I am going back to that¬†messy ball…

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Ridged Dish Cloths

I have posted about several of these ridged dish cloths for Finished Friday, but I have not told about the story behind these dish cloths.

A friend had a dish cloth, and she asked me if I could make a dish cloth like it. I brought it home with me, and I sat trying to figure out how the dish cloth was made for about thirty minutes.

I finally gave up and had to ask my crochet teacher how she thought the dish cloth was made. She thought that had figured it out, but the next time we meet, we had both come with a dish cloth that was similar to the origional dish cloth, but it was not exactly the same.

My teacher then took the dish cloth home, and she finally figured it out. The person who had made the dish cloth had singled crocheted in the back stich of each row.

I am glad that my crochet teacher figured the pattern because this is a great dish cloth. The texture from the ridges is great for scrubbing dishes.

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Finished Friday- Blocks and Dish Cloths

In the past two weeks I finished four more blocks.

I am quite happy with my stack of twenty blocks. ūüėÄ

I also finished two dish cloths this week. I only took a picture of one of them because one of them went to my aunt before I took a picture of it. ūüôā

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Finished Friday-Blocks

Sorry that my Finished Friday post is a day late. I finished five more¬†blocks for Sarah’s Block Party. I am glad I got these blocks finished!

What have you been making?

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